InDesign training course
£495 for 4 people

This Adobe InDesign training course aims to help you produce a wide range of graphic materials including

  • product leaflets and price lists
  • adverts and posters
  • newsletters and data-sheets
  • bid documents, presentations and proposals

Your course will be held at your office on dates you specify.

Interface Overview

Getting control of the document you are working on is vital. Equally, navigating around the page is important as it speeds up the creation process and enables you to rapidly produce accurate layouts.

  • Using the tools & panels
  • Customise the workspace
  • Controlling views, zoom & pan
  • Using master pages and page numbering
  • Page Layout & Structure

Handling text

InDesign has several ways to create flows of text in multiple columns. You can also just click and type in your content but usually a combination of "placing" existing Word files or pasting longer flows of text works best.

  • Creating independent text frames
  • Flowing pre-existing text into frames
  • Basic typography
  • Formatting paragraphs of text
  • Creating styles for paragraphs

Handling Images

Find out how to easily place images in your documents and crop and scale them too. The Links panel will help you understand the effects of scaling and resolution.

  • Placing, cropping and Links
  • Scaling images the easy way
  • Dropping images into existing frames
  • InDesign image effects
  • Making images bleed

Essential Elements

Learning how to use some of InDesign's special effects can help improve a publication but equally you need to learn not to over-do these effects as they won't then be special anymore!

  • Bullets & Numbering
  • Creating lines and shapes
  • Dealing with colour swatches
  • Effects & Transparency
  • Native Photoshop & Illustrator files

Additional areas

Creating column and guide structures in a document allows you to layout a publication with relative ease. Having a good invisible structure makes the process less difficult.

  • Using tables
  • Importing existing Word or Excel tables
  • QR-Codes
  • Creating good gradient blends
  • Using Automatic Table of Contents

Print & PDF Export

Creating the right type of PDF is easy with InDesign when you know what you are trying to achieve. Packaging allows you to collect all your files for an external print company but they often prefer a Print Ready PDF file.

  • Working with Printers
  • Pre-flighting documents
  • PDF export for Print or Internet use
  • CMYK Process colour

Working examples

Several examples of the layouts and designs that can be created .

Your InDesign course

Learning how the software works is all very well but we'll show you the next stage too - how to create finished print-ready PDF files. We base your course on the actual documents you need to make. You can send us PDF examples or other documents prior to your course and you will re-make them during your course

  1. This InDesign training course is normally for 2 days but you can select the duration.
  2. Allows you to create the designs you want using your own examples.
  3. It's designed for you and will focus on what you need to know.
  4. You'll waste no time on irrelevant topics as all the delegates are from your company.
  5. You can include some Photoshop and Illustrator training in this two-day course if you wish for no extra cost.
  6. You get after course support by phone and email for 6 months.

Customised Courses

Remember - you can show us what you want to be able to do and we'll make sure you learn how to do it as part of your course. We do not charge any extra for this.

Download InDesign course details in PDF format